2009 BRAG-Meeting

Received the following poster and announcement from George Nash:


(click to enlage)

First Announcement

British Rock Art Group 2009 meeting

BRAG 2009 will be held on Sat 9 May at the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies (ICCHS), Newcastle University. Depending on interest, a trip to visit rock art panels in the region may be organised on the following day.
Circulation: Please circulate this announcement to colleagues and students who might be interested in attending and presenting a paper.
Papers: Colleagues are invited to present papers on ongoing and completed work in Britain and other parts of the world.
Costs: The fee has not yet been set but it will be nominal to cover costs.
What you need to do: Please let me know whether you:
– would like attend;
– wish to present a paper (If yes, can you please provide me with a provisional title by Friday 6 March);
– are interested in visiting rock art panels on the Sunday. (You will need your own transport for this).
We look forward to hearing from you and hosting you in the North East.
Aron Mazel

International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies
Newcastle University
Tel: 0191 – 2227845
Email: a.d.mazel@ncl.ac.uk


3 Responses to 2009 BRAG-Meeting

  1. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Jan,

    you will need to let me know your timetable, was hoping we might meet up for a wander, and that may well be the best weekend if you are in Wigtown?..i’ll cantact you via email.


  2. rockartuk says:

    Gus and I are in Wigtown that Saturday, ready for the jump to Kilmartin.
    Good to hear that you and Suz are attending.
    How about you, Hobsonish?
    Please advertise RAM’09 there, guys!

  3. rockartwolf says:


    this sounds like it could be good..

    i would myself and suzanne will be there..

    anyone else?


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