RA-landscape in danger!

Dear Rock Art folks,

I just discovered that there is a huge issue over the possible erection of NINE x 110 metre wind turbines on Barmoor – immediately to the rear of Goat Crag and Broomridge.  I had heard about the campaign to stop wind turbines on Barmoor but I heard that the Council had rejected the planning application and I thought that was that.  Today I spoke to Amanda Worlock who is co-ordinating the SOUL campaign (Save Our Unspoiled Landscape)  and she explained that a Public Enquiry into this is now nearing its climax.  The Developers have thrown a lot of money at this, hired a QC, PR company etc – and the campaign group have managed to raise £50,000 or so but are still very much David against Goliath.

The Campaign has a very extensive website that shows the potential impact on this ancient landscape – here:http://www.soul-online.co.uk/

Sadly , very little evidence has been put forward in relation to the Neolithic significance of this area – the Council didn’t put much effort in because they rejected the application at a local level. So there is about TWO WEEKS to make some kind of collective submission.

Here are two maps which show the proposed location of the NINE turbines: (second map)
Apparently there will be a final Public Submissions day at the Enquiry in the Maltings Theatre, Berwick on Tweed on May 27th.  It is too late to send letters of objection direct to the Inspector but if you feel moved to write something about the threat to the landscape above Goat Crag and Broomridge please contact Amanda Worlock as below.

Amanda Worlock
Co-ordinator Save Our Untouched Landscape campaign (SOUL)
Western House
TD15 2UD
Tel: 01289 388 259

Please give this some thought – and by the way – there are other windfarms planned for the area – at Bewick and Old Bewick Moor – which would threaten other unique Neolithic sites


One Response to RA-landscape in danger!

  1. richard says:

    My comment of a few weeks ago must have gone awol, so here goes again. I wonder how many visitors walk north to Barmoor from Roughting Linn? I find it utterly tranquil and atmospheric, the view to Goatscrag Hill puts it in a new perspective and looks as if Merlin are there. Seen my blog?

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