RAM’09 Great Success!

ram-2009.38Hi Folks,

Thanks to George and all of you, we may look back to yet another great Rock Art Meeting.

The photo presentation of RAM’09 is already on BRAC.

Photos of the splendid rock art will be uploaded to BRAC soon.

That counts also for the captions of the RAM photos.

Thanks again to all for this unforgettable day!

Gus & Jan


3 Responses to RAM’09 Great Success!

  1. Geo Cur says:

    Hi Graeme, the only previous record of anything in the area was an enclosure of unspecified date. Apart from the rock art there are bell pits, rare for the area and probably due to 18-19th C mining. A group of us excavated a circular feature, 30 m from the main outcrop, three years ago, this had evidence of fire in the central area, dates from charcoal were middle Bronze Age, there was also one small piece flint. It is assumed to have been a house. No obvious small cairns etc. but they wouldn’t be that easy to spot due to the heather cover.

  2. GraemeC says:

    Wish i could have been there to see the carved rocks and locations. The photo’s seem to show isolated out crops were the attraction?
    Any related features connected with the sites – George? -cairns etc?

    Btw who was that dodgy character trying to sell rock art from the back of his car? 🙂

  3. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Jan,

    Another year, another excellent RAM. Thanks to George, Jan , Gus and everyone else for making this another top day out. Looking forward to seeing more images of the day.

    RAM 2009 images -Brian Kerr


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