How many concentric rings?

Anyone know which  carved rock  has the largest number of concentric rings (in the british isles)?

by region would be nice too…………
for the west yorkshire area it looks to be 7 rings on the greystone in the grounds of Harewood house
the north york moors has maybe 4 or 5 rings (need to check this)

I bet its northumberland – but i could be wrong 🙂



9 Responses to How many concentric rings?

  1. Raquel says:

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  2. Geo Cur says:

    Hi Hob , only mention I have ever seen was your’s on TMA and here .


  3. Hob says:

    Ah, so not Cambret at all, where the heck did I get that from I wonder? Cheers Brian, knew you’d know. I might have been getting confused with Castleton.

    Btw, George, speaking of Carschenna, if in your researches about the link twixt the skies and old stones, you ever come across any of the stuff about astro-aligned carvings in Switzerland, at Falera, take a very hefty pinch of salt, they’re really dodgy looking things that wouldn’t pass muster over here. Carschenna is totally the real deal, but Falera is highly suspect.

  4. rockartwolf says:

    Hi George/Hob,

    Yeah Cambret Moor/Caulside Burn was classified as a cup and complete ring, with a 6 turn spiral with a radial groove from the cup. Later it was reclassified as a cup and clear 7 rings, then in 1977 it was suggested a rubbing would resolve the issue, 1994 it was finally agreed it was a cup and ring, with the 6 turn spiral as originally thought.


  5. Geo Cur says:

    Hi Hob , Carschenna has a 9 ringer although I thought the Cambret Moor was a spiral with 6 turns .


  6. Hob says:

    Eyup Mr C,

    I think Nbland’s top ringer is Gled Law, at 8. I’ve a vague memory that There’s a 9 or 10 ringer on Cambret Moor (Brian will know, I’m sure), and a 9 ringer in Switzerland.

  7. GraemeC says:

    Thanks for the input.
    Paul Brown added copt howe with 10 (possibly 11) rings.

    17 rings is just showing off!

    Not heard of the SCL – some kind of minimalist rock art splinter group?


  8. rockartuk says:

    Hi Graeme & guys,
    Just back from North Germany. Not to much rings there (max. 1).
    I agree with Geo’s list of 9-ers.
    There is another 10-er at Drumcarbit (Co. Donegal) Iereland:
    Jan (common member of the SCL)

  9. Geo Cur says:

    Hi Graeme , Afaik
    Castleton (Stirling )
    Bombie , Balcraig , Torrs & Townhead (D&G )
    Greenland ( Dunbarton ) all have 9 rings .
    Ballyculter (Co. Down) has 10 .
    I know you only mentioned U.K. but Monte Teton in Galicia deserves a mention with 17.

    Geo ( honorable member of the single cup league )

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