Rock Art Reservoir?

P1030524_(800_x_600)P1030526_(800_x_600)P1030527_(800_x_600)P1030533_(800_x_600)Hi Folks,

Recently I received a couple of photographs from Pat Morrissey of some stones on the Eastern shore of Glensherup Reservoir near Glendevon (Perth and Kinross). He would be very happy to have your opinion about the status (man-made or natural) of the cup-like depressions.

For the location of the finding spot click here.

I think the cups on photo A, except for the “hole” on the front-side, come close to the genuine ones. The features in photo B, C and D are likely to be candidates for the description “natural”.

I know that it is hard to make a proper judgement from photographs, but I hope you would give it a try!

Have a nice weekend.




6 Responses to Rock Art Reservoir?

  1. Paddybhoy says:

    Thanks everyone. I agree that they are natural.
    However, the reason I asked is that these stones look very much like stones I photographed on Uist:
    which many people seem to think are not natural. Any thoughts on those?


  2. rockartuk says:

    Thanks for your input, guys!
    Although I agree with the overall feeling that, except for stone A, all depressions are probably natural, I’ve added the photos to BRAC for completeness:
    Thanks for the contribution, Pat!

  3. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Folks,

    sorry i missed this one, i have been looking at the 4 images and my feeling is all natural. I don’t see anything or feeling anything from the images to get me excited.

  4. Hob says:

    No dissent from me. The B,C and D ones are too well defined, and the one on A looks like it’s got a slightly convex lip, which rings alarm bells. It has to be a natural inclusion. Those broader things on top of A could be the real deal, my eyes are trying to make out traces of pecking, but I’m sure that’s imaginary on my behalf.

  5. rockrich says:

    yup, I’d agree with A being a possibility. Having said that, does the central cup on B’s right hand side have something circular around it?….Difficult to tell from the photo, but everything looks natural.

  6. Geo Cur says:

    Agree Jan , B,C,D, are natural with A a possibility .


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