Loch Tay Glory

Latest News: George Currie has seen the Light!

It was a frosty Autumn morning on the South bank of Loch Tay. The fog hung low and no sound was heard. George took his camera out and catched the spooky atmosphere. And there, suddenly, it was; a clear but unreadable Aura!  Was there a person visible? Was it Hutchinson, Anderson, Mackenzie, Stuart? We will never know. Only this story and the photos of the “Glory” survived!



10 Responses to Loch Tay Glory

  1. Hob says:

    You should send it to Forteam Times, they’d love it.

  2. Hob says:

    George, that is one of the coolest things mate…

    Those Brocken spectre things are rarer than rock art south of the Pennines 🙂

  3. rockartuk says:

    Yes, thanks George!
    I’ve changed the title to “Loch Tay Glory” as you suggested before.
    Still a great experience, mate!
    (Please comb your hair for the next Glory)

    PS: On “Glories and the Brocken Spectre” and a more nostalgic explanation.

  4. rockrich says:

    aaahh…I’m with it now (there’s a 1st).

    George, post the pic in TMPs mysteries section and see what unravels.

  5. Geo Cur says:

    It’s similar to a brocken spectre but known as a “glory ” .I understand now ,you didn’t realise what I meant when I said glory Jan . The real underlying explanation is plasmaric fog orb though, emitted from cups in a line .


  6. rockartuk says:

    Another mystery explained; it was the “Brocken Spectre”:
    Its strange, as soon as I knew what caused this miracle, my interest went down.
    Fortunately, we still have the cup-and-rings to wonder about.

  7. GraemeC says:

    …..Ohh so it was you George (or your shadow at least)
    A broken spectre rings a bell, but i had to google it for details – a rather cool optical effect.

    at least i wasn’t foolish enough to suggest it was a plasmaric fog orb 🙂

  8. rockrich says:

    George, how would the sun fit in with the 2nd image? Could it not be a rare plasmaric fog-orb 😉

  9. Geo Cur says:

    Graeme , it’s a “glory” similar to a brocken spectre created by who ever is in the between the sun and cloud .By moving closer you can change the size of youself or the halo .


  10. GraemeC says:

    Ahh yes ……. a rare sighting of the ‘old man’ of loch Tay! (no not you george 🙂
    Or maybe a ‘Jenny wit lantern’ or ‘will-o-wisp’ -Who knows?
    A more boring guess would be the headlight of an off road motorbike – shepherd maybe?

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