Hawaian RA: Aloa!

Pu`uloa Petroglyph, Hawai (click to enlarge)

Just added a nice series of photographs of Hawaian rock art to the Wordwide Rock Art Selection. The pics were taken by my daughter and son-in-law during their vacation trip to Hawai last September. The carvings in the lava are of relatively recent times (from of 1200AD). That’s probably why they have a handed down explanation for the cup and ring(s) as can be read on the second photo. There’s also a link to an explaintory website with, a.o. the following text: “Reverend William Ellis, a missionary to the Hawaiian and Society Islands, recorded the earliest written observation of the petroglyphs at Pu`uloa in 1823”. By that time Mr Langlands acknowledged the antiquity of the Old Bewick motifs. Small world! Enjoy….


3 Responses to Hawaian RA: Aloa!

  1. GraemeC says:

    I had a sneaky suspicion there was some older examples in India -its quite mind boggling to think the humble cup mark has such a long history.

  2. Geo Cur says:

    Hello Graeme, Auditorium Cave in India might take a bit of beating at 200,000 yrs+ .


  3. GraemeC says:

    Thanks Jan, Great to see some pictures of the Pua Loa rock carvings, taken by your daughter (a fatherly influence showing there ?)
    Pua-loa got a mention in a chapter i wrote in the north york moors rock art book, highlighting the common fertility/children beliefs associated with cup markings around the world.
    It would be interesting to see the route by which the tradition got to Hawaii. There is possibly some link with the cup marked ‘baby rocks’ on the west coast of America, but the native Hawaiians are apparently of Polynesian descent so the tradition most likely comes through them. This is heading back the other way towards Australia with its ancient cup marking tradition. So maybe Australia is the ‘birth place’ of the cup mark?

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