Broomridge’s Westside Story

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Hi Folks,

Graham White of Coldstream contacted me about a mysterious carving on the west-side of Broomridge, Northumberland. He wrote:

“There was also a bit of a mystery; at the West end of Broomridge I found a near-perfect 1.5 inch circle-groove with a beautifully domed centre mass.
It wasn’t quite a perfect circle -so I don’t think it is associated with drilling- which would have been a straight hole anyway.  I don’t know if this has been mentioned by Stan Beckensall.
There were some other features on the same rock, within a metre or so, which looked like carvings of natural basin features.  What do you think?”

As far as I know, this nice motif, which could well be the first stage of a cup, is not mentioned by Stan and/or on ERA. What do you make of it?




5 Responses to Broomridge’s Westside Story

  1. Hob says:

    Wasn’t it at Broomridge where Stan and Ray Mears did their bit stuff for the telly? I seem to recall Ray made a cupmark or two, this couldn’t be one of his could it?

  2. rockartuk says:

    I received the following from Graham:
    “I went back to re-document that strange little motif yesterday – and clarified exactly where it is. It is on a prominent outcrop of rocks which are about 150 metres West of Panel 2 on Broomridge. The rocks overlook a ‘walkers gate’ which you can see in the attached photos – at a point West of the farm where a very long fence-line intersects with the stone wall.
    The Google Earth reference is:
    Lat: 55deg 37′ 36.9″ N, Long 2 deg 3′ 8.4″ W
    The little circle is very small – less than 5cm in diameter and it is not a regular circle – it is slightly oval. The centre ‘boss’ is a very regular domed swelling.
    There is only one associated feature on the same slab of rock – a natural water basin which looks like it may have been enhanced. It has a groove running out of it which could possibly be man-made – it does not appear to be a natural crack and it doesn’t penetrate the rock more than an inch.
    Hope this is of interest – I am going back to explore more. It has always puzzled me why there are no marks on the crags at the Western end of Broomridge – which are very dramatic with deep caves and very large overhangs – but no signs of rock art at all.”

    He also provided some new photos which show the carving in context with the surrounding outcrop and landscape. They are already on BRAC.

  3. rockrich says:

    what an interesting little thing…

    I wonder with the unusual ‘horseshoes’ of Goatscrag not being too far away, was there a maverick carver going round etching oddities – a prehistoric Banksy.

    Could be an abandoned mouse millstone I suppose:-)

  4. Geo Cur says:

    It reminds me a wee bit of , ,which I was never sure was a genuinely prehistoric or a carved zero ,although the broomridge example looks more better and is in the right area,whereas the Keillor was in an RA desert .


  5. rockartuk says:

    For sake of the discussion, I have loaded Graham’s photo’s of the adjacent features up to BRAC as (temporary?) panel-4 in the Broomridge collection:

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