New Year……New Find!

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Hi Folks,

Can’t think of a better start for the RA-year 2010 than the discovery by Mac Scott of a cup-marked panel in gridref  NU 26187 17229 . The panel lies East of Sea Houses farm, (N)NE of the amazing Howick Settlement and Hill fort on the Northumbrian coast. Mac posted his find already on TMA and granted me permission to use  his photos on BRAC  too. Congrats Mac!

Any idea (Richard?) how to get this find into the County Council database?


4 Responses to New Year……New Find!

  1. rockrich says:

    thanks Jan recieved, I’ll send the info links etc to NCC and copy you in Mac.


  2. rockartuk says:

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the offer to get this find locked to the database, Rich. Just in case you do need further information, I will send you a separate mail with Mac’s e-mailaddress.
    Thanks for the help and all the best,

  3. Mascot says:


    Mac here, thanks once again for all the help here.
    Happy to go with whatever process works best for getting this added/checked out.


  4. rockrich says:

    Jan, sending the info to [archaeology at Northumberland dot gov dot uk] should do the trick. Would you like me to sort it?


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