RAM 2011

RAM 2011
Sunday June 5th
– Lordenshaws Northumberland-
By a unanimous vote!
It looks like the “2011 RAM month of May” has just nudged into June.
People seem ok with Sunday June 5th so it looks like we will go ahead with this date for a visit to Lordenshaws.
Lordensaws is just to the south of Rothbury in Northumberland (see a detailed map and then zoom out for road directions etc).
There is a good sized car park (marked on map) on the minor road nearest the rock carvings and we can meet up there at the usual time of 10.30AM.
Bring the usual things like boots, waterproofs, camera and something to eat and we will see who turns up on the day.
We plan to take a look at a selection of the carved rocks, cairns and the “hill fort/settlement” etc.
The location of Lordenshaws on the ridge leading up towards Simonside Hill (defined as a sacred hill on TMA) should give food for thought!
Graeme Chappell

One Response to RAM 2011

  1. Elizabeth Twohig says:

    I am very sorry to hear this sad news, thank you for posting and be assured that you are all in our thoughts

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