Jan Brouwer

We regret that we have to announce that Jan Brouwer, founder of this blog and of the British Rock Art Collection (BRAC), is terminally ill and currently spending his last moments with family and friends at home. We thank all blog readers and contributors for sharing his deepest passion, Rock Art in the UK, with him.

His loving family


16 Responses to Jan Brouwer

  1. Dear Jan – this is tragic, heartbreaking news. We wish you and your family much love and joy in the precious time left to you on our wonderful planet. We thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise in All Things Rock Art.
    much love and peace to you
    Jane and Moth

  2. It’s so sad. Jan is a longtime friend and his work is invaluable for all rock-art enthusiasts throughout the world. We’d like to send him a big, warm hug and we are sure his family will be of great help in these difficult times.

    A heartfelt thanks for all he has done and shared.

    Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi
    Stone Pages

  3. Gavin says:

    It’s just all too sad for words.
    My thoughts are with you all.


  4. Hob says:

    There just ain’t the words…

    Jan, you’re a high quality human, respects to you.

  5. Paul Brown says:

    We are deeply saddened with this news
    our thoughts are with Jan and his family

    Paul and Barbara

  6. Michala Potts says:

    I’m glad his family are with him to share these moments.
    Having just lost my Dad myself (His Funeral is tomorrow), I know how difficult these times are. Tomorrow we am not going to mourn my Dads passing (nobody is going to be turning up in black, or else!) but we are having a celebration of his life as he moves onto the next.
    Although he will be greatly missed by some, to me, he will [i]always[/i] be with me.

    My thoughts go out to you Jan, your family & friends at this time as it isn’t an easy time.

  7. So sad to hear this.
    My thoughts are with his family and friends.



  8. Tom FourWinds says:

    This is very sad. My thoughts are with Jan and his family


  9. Paul Bell says:

    Very sad news.

  10. rockrich says:

    One of a kind. A man with such a big heart, so much knowledge, infinite patience, and an absolute joy to be around. As Brian and Suzanne say you’ll always be with us. My thoughts are with you Jan, Ank and the rest of your family


  11. Pete Glastonbury says:

    Bless you Jan.

  12. Stewart says:

    My thoughts to Jan and his friends and family. Stumbling upon Jan and Gus’s fantastic website was the first time I realised the true extent and wonder of british and particularly scottish rock art. I have been gazing and tramping in wide wonder in the years ever since.
    Thank you Jan. We only met by email. I shall of course keep rocking! Peace to you and yours.
    Huge respect

  13. rockartwolf says:

    We are so sad to hear the news about our very good friend. At this time our thoughts go out to you all, we will be thinking about Jan and what he has meant to us all. Jan will always be with us in our hearts and memories.

    Brian & Suzanne

  14. Alexander Jarvie says:

    Its very sad to hear about this.he is a good man and pointed in the right direction quite a few times!


  15. Graeme Chappell says:

    So sad to hear this – My thoughts and sympathy are with you all.

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