In loving memory

It’s with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Jan Brouwer, founder of the British Rock Art Collection, on 25th of April 2011.

Jan was a great inspiration to us all and loved sharing his passion for cup and ring marks in the UK.

He died peacefully at home in the presence of his close family.  Jan would have liked us to keep enjoying the wonder, beauty and mystery of rock art.  Please think of Jan with a smile on your face.

As Jan would have said:  ‘Keep on Rocking!’


3 Responses to In loving memory

  1. Graeme Chappell says:

    The sad news of Jan’s death made it across the North Sea to the UK, but to hear that his passing was peaceful and he was at home with his family when the time came is comforting to know.
    There are some nice tributes to Jan on the Modern Antiquarian forum……….

    which show just how well liked and respected he was by the people who met him or had contact with him.

    British Rock art studies has lost one of its strongest supporters with the passing of Jan Brouwer. He certainly had the rock art ‘bug’ and i am sure that those of us who share that passion will indeed “keep on rocking”.
    I am glad i got the chance to meet Jan, he was a good man and i will remember him.


  2. rockrich says:

    Even though I’d only met Jan 6 or 7 times, I looked forward to having our natters every year. Jan was an absolute Joy to be around, never heard him say a bad word about anybody, always had a smile on his face and always put one on mine.

    A sad loss, but he’ll be forever remembered by those fortunate to meet him.

    Keeping on Rocking, definitely Jan.


  3. rockartwolf says:

    I think we are all in a state of shock at the loss of Jan, a special person who has left us all with so many happy memories. Whenever i think of rock art i will always think of Jan, he taught me so much, shared so much and his enthusiasm for life always shone through in whatever he did. It will be hard going to the next RAM in June, but Jan would have wanted us to be there and enjoy the rocks. It will be a time to talk, to think, to share and realise the show must go on, not just for us, but for Jan too.

    I have a feeling he will have been welcomed with open arms by Ronald Morris and others, our loss is their gain. I am sure Jan will be looking down on us and telling us to “Keep on Rocking” and we will.

    rest in peace my old friend

    Brian & Suzanne

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