RAM June 5th 2011

Hi Folks,

I would like thank everyone who made it to the RAM this year at Lordenshaws. It was good to meet up with some old friends, spending the time looking at some of the panels and having a good natter. This year was a different type of meeting, with the loss of our good friend Jan, it felt good for everyone to get together and discuss how we go in the future. We have plans for another meeting in Northumberland in September when hopefully the weather is better. Plans for next years main RAM in Kilmartin are also underway.
I hope we can use this blog as a central point for our future plans for rock art in the uk, until we can find out if the BRAC site can be brought back.

BRAC on Flickr

This is a group i started on flickr about a year or so ago, so if anyone wants to post here please feel free to.

Thanks again to all our rock art friends.

With the weather being so bad, i am not sure if people could imagine what was there. This is a shot i took a couple of years ago of the horseshoe carving.



2 Responses to RAM June 5th 2011

  1. rockrich says:

    Was certainly good to see folks again, although it did seem very strange without Jan lighting the place up. I’m sure he was up there with Tate, Morris, Simpson etc saying listen to this lot talk rubbish and if that bald one says anything about iron age or fissures, I’ll ask the almighty to make it rain 🙂

    I agree we’ll definitely have to keep things going and keep a check on fotopic progress.

    Sorry for being so disorganised on Sunday, that was my fault. Graeme suggested we did a little research, and I said we’d be ok….thank heavens for Andy and Hob!

  2. Graeme Chappell says:

    I will add my thanks as well Brian. It was good to see people again and i think the 2011 RAM going ahead was the right thing to do. If we can keep our informal group ticking over it will be another tribute to Jan.
    I did start writing up short report of the RAM but wondered about posting it, but as you have moved things on i might add it later, just for the record.
    Not sure i recall the bad weather you mention 🙂

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