Jan – RAM 2012 the reponses

Hi Folks,

it’s been just over a week since I fired out the initial call to arms so I guess I should be reporting back what has been said

  • There was a good response from all the usual suspects
  • Everyone is in favour of doing ‘something’
  • The May dates seem to be the most favourable
  • As you would expect from the group, (nice people all), there was no strong opinion put forward regarding location, a few folk have expressed the wish to go to Kilmartin others have favoured Northumberland, Ilkley Moor was suggested by one person. Most folk have said that wherever it is held they will try to attend.
  • Northumberland was suggested because of the ease of access and the desire to get as many folk there as possible.
  • One suggestion was that we meet at Old Bewick and go on a hunt in an attempt to find the missing stone.

So as you can see from the above points, we have kinda established May as the date. I’ll propose the date as MAY 13th 2012 unless anyone has any major objections.

As for the location, we are still no further forward so I’ll propose the location as OLD BEWICK, NORTHUMBERLAND, we know Jan loved this place and it is readily accessible for most people.

I propose that our May 2012 RAM be dedicated to our friend Jan Brouwer.

I realise this is all a bit autocratic but if we dither about with this it won’t get done,  we owe it to Jan to ‘keep on rocking’.

If anyone wants to work in the background to organise a 2nd RAM to be held later on in the year in Kilmartin please speak up on the blog and put me down as attending. I would undertake this myself but I think it would be done better by someone who was familiar with the area (know anyone Bri/ Suz????).

If someone could post the name of that lovely Guest House that Jan used to use in Northumberland, that would be handy for any overnighters.

Please pass this on to everyone you know who may want to attend.

We are still a community and this blog is our main means of communication so please use it. Anyone with transport or accomodation  problems please post on the blog or contact me and I’ll do my best to sort something out.

Keep an eye on the blog for any changes/news.


Looking Forward to seeing your lovely smiling faces in May




5 Responses to Jan – RAM 2012 the reponses

  1. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Gav,

    I am liking the idea of Old Bewick, it will be good to go back and share some old memories, as Hob says it was a place a number of us will call our first RAM. Indeed it was a matter of only weeks after i met Suzanne that she took me along to the RAM, and i was hooked from that point, and to a point where a few of us became obsessed:) with the carvings.

  2. HobsonishHob says:

    Old Bewick and a search for the missing stone of Bewick Moor North has my vote. Not just because of the proximity to where I live, but it was also the venue for the first RAM I got to.

    Gav, I think the West Weetwood place is under new management now. I’ll go check and shall get back to you.


  3. june says:

    I’ll be looking at stone circles in West Cork that week Gavin – was in Northumberland last year and loved it so I’ll no doubt wend my way back up there before too long. All the best to everyone attending.


  4. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Excellent Paul,
    welcome aboard.

  5. Paul Bell says:

    Never been to a RAM before , have meant to.
    Live in Alnwick , and love Old Bewick , so can’t miss this one.
    I was briefly involved in NADRAP (2005).
    So will come along as a ‘newbie’ .

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