Going Back To My Grass Roots…..Townhead

Evening Folks,

I made a decision this year to try and get back to taking rock art pics to compliment my landscape photography, to try and combine the best of both worlds. I am hoping what i have learnt from doing landscape photography will help me shoot some impressive looking rock carving shots.

My first trip out had to be back to Townhead, the place i call my rock art home. It is near Kirkcudbright my favourit part of Galloway. The one main field at Townhead has probably the most varied number and styles of carvings anywhere in the UK. I cannot think of another small area or single field that had so many carvings that are so different and unique to each other.

The one main panel that has always been exposed was to be my target for today. After leaving home just before 3am to catch a sunrise photographing the wickerman in his union jack boxer shorts…(look on flickr or facebook), i then turned my attention to Townhead. Some may think i am strange, but walking through a special field full of rock art at 6am is pretty special, the only company being a deer, a few sheep, some rabbits and the cold wind blowing.


Once i had finished taking my shots, i took a walk around the rest of the field taking me back to those years when Suzanne and I would spend weekend after weekend lifting turf, photographing, and documenting those precious carvings and realising how much work and effort we put in. As i walked around the field i knew where all the panels were, but realised if i wanted to go to the exact position of a few of the carvings even i would be pushed locating them straight away. We did a good job at covering them up, hopefully that should protect them for the next generation, i am not sure i will be lifting turf again at Townhead, those carvings are best left under the turf for safety.



2 Responses to Going Back To My Grass Roots…..Townhead

  1. prehistoricrockcarvingsinnorthumberland says:

    Hello, @Dec 2012 the recently installed info panels at the access point from the road for access to Weetwood rock art have been removed, along with the scanning codes and also the wooden post marker and data at the gorse bush site…. at the entrance this has been replaced with a ‘NO ACCESS’ sign ie walker with line thro him/her.

    Has there been a change of farmer or owner??

    Also re acces, anyone been in the plantation at the western end of Jennys Lantern, the farmer there is very ‘no access’ …. I’m sure theres goodies to be found there …..

  2. cupstones says:

    Nice one Brian
    Look forward to seeing some of the results from this round of your rock art interests.
    Seems to me there is ‘something’ about the location of most carved rocks that led to them being carved. It might be something big and obvious or something more subtle. If you can catch anything of this in your photographs it can only enhance the results.

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