Blog Update

The rock art blog has been pretty much dormant over the last year or so and in a way this is understandable. Most people will be aware that the Rock Art Blog was setup by Jan Brouwer, but sadly Jan is no longer with us and his presence in this area is greatly missed.
However just because the blog is quiet does not mean people are no longer interested – just that things have changed.

As a more permanent tribute to Jan’s work, we are trying to rebuild the ‘Lost’ British Rock Art Collection (BRAC) gallery and put it back on line – quite a task as it contained over 18,000 images, covering 1200 rock art sites.

brac wayback 2006s

The opportunity arose in early 2013 to retrieve the BRAC images from the old Fotopic servers, so these were quickly rescued. Unfortunately the actual BRAC website no longer existed and the process of putting a new one together is taking time. At some point It might be possible to link or merge the blog into the new BRAC site.
So in the words of the man himself – ‘Keep on rocking’.


2 Responses to Blog Update

  1. Lanark says:

    My heart soars like a hawk at this news. I have, of course, kept on rocking in the meantime.

  2. That’s great news! Thanks for all your work.

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