A winter get away? – Covas Rubias

December 2, 2013

I know we are all getting older, but when i got an email from SAGA, i did think?
Luckily this was from Miguel Losada of the Sociedade Antropoloxica Galega (the Galician Anthropological Society) with a link to a video about the Covas Rubias rock art site. This is a hill top site located to the north of Verin in the northwest Iberian penisula.  It is well worth a look (and the images on the associated face book page) as the carvings seem so familiar, it would not look out of place here in the UK – except the weather is better in Galicia!

FaceBook page – images



News from Galicia

November 24, 2009

Last week, I received the following from our Galician friend Jorge Guitián:

I’m just writing to share with you all my blog about Galician (NW Spain) rock art. I’ve been researching Galician Rock Art since 1999. Nowadays my profession is not related with rock art research, but for more than a decade me and my father published more than 130 new rock art sites, mainly in A Coruña province.  I’m still interested in Rock Art, and we are still making some field research, but our work don’t give us many chances to conduct a systematic research.
Last year I tried to publish a blog, as a way to share my passion about rock art but, once again, work leave me without time to update it regularly. It is stopped by now, but I hope to come back to work soon in the future. Please, feel free to visit the site (Petroglifos de Galicia) and to use the pictures in it in your galleries of world RA. There you’ll find also a brief CV. If you are interested in any of my papers, please let me know. Regards,

I am very happy to accept Jorge’s generous offer and will post some of his great photos to the “Worldwide Rock Art Selection” soon.



Gift from Galicia

November 26, 2007


Last week Xiana de la Peña Parga surprised us with a series of photos of Galician rock art.

The images taken by her and her father give a clear meaning to the well-discussed connection between the Galician and British carvings.

The images of animals alongside the familiar cup-and-rings give an even stronger feeling of decoration of the rock surface.

Thanks to Xania’s photos the Spain/Galicia collection on WRAS was re-animated. Thanks a lot, Xania!