Sardinian Neolithic Rock Art

May 10, 2010

Hi Folks,

Received a Press Release (link below) from George Nash about the fantastic discovery of Neolithic Rock Art on the island of  Sardinia (Italy), prepared by Diego Meozzi, Paola Arosio (Stone Pages) and George Nash.

The Press Release (as PDF-file) on Scribd.


North Yorkshire Riddle

February 16, 2010

Received the following from Tristan Campbell:

I’m a landscape photographer based in North Yorkshire, UK, and over the last couple of years have been photographing the region of Guisecliff for a project I am working on. Last weekend I noticed some strange markings on the cliffs whilst scouting for new photograph locations. I can find very little rock art information specific to Guisecliff on-line and your images are the only ones I have found. I have noticed faint rings in at least two other locations on the cliffs. Are you aware of any markings on the cliffs themselves? I was hoping you may know if these are known markings (if they are indeed rock art) or if you have a contact who may be able to tell me?

Tristan provided the three photos above. The photo on the left shows a compass for scale.  The middle photo is a detail of the marking/carving of the under left corner of the photo on the right. More of Tristan’s photos can be enjoyed on his Landscape Photography Website.

We would be very happy to have your opinions on these marking/carvings. Thanks!

New Year……New Find!

January 5, 2010

(click to enlarge)

Hi Folks,

Can’t think of a better start for the RA-year 2010 than the discovery by Mac Scott of a cup-marked panel in gridref  NU 26187 17229 . The panel lies East of Sea Houses farm, (N)NE of the amazing Howick Settlement and Hill fort on the Northumbrian coast. Mac posted his find already on TMA and granted me permission to use  his photos on BRAC  too. Congrats Mac!

Any idea (Richard?) how to get this find into the County Council database?

Broomridge’s Westside Story

December 14, 2009

click to enlarge

Hi Folks,

Graham White of Coldstream contacted me about a mysterious carving on the west-side of Broomridge, Northumberland. He wrote:

“There was also a bit of a mystery; at the West end of Broomridge I found a near-perfect 1.5 inch circle-groove with a beautifully domed centre mass.
It wasn’t quite a perfect circle -so I don’t think it is associated with drilling- which would have been a straight hole anyway.  I don’t know if this has been mentioned by Stan Beckensall.
There were some other features on the same rock, within a metre or so, which looked like carvings of natural basin features.  What do you think?”

As far as I know, this nice motif, which could well be the first stage of a cup, is not mentioned by Stan and/or on ERA. What do you make of it?



Black Burn’s Latest Beauty

November 30, 2009

The "new" Black Burn-22 panel (click to enlarge)

Recently, George Currie found another new and quite interesting panel in the Black Burn area, West of Urlar farm on the South-side of Loch Tay. It looks like this panel was part of  a larger design. Part of the motif -a relative small cup with four rings- has flaked off. A really nice catch, George!

For the other 21 panels -all found by George- see the Black Burn collection on BRAC.

Rock Art Reservoir?

October 24, 2009

P1030524_(800_x_600)P1030526_(800_x_600)P1030527_(800_x_600)P1030533_(800_x_600)Hi Folks,

Recently I received a couple of photographs from Pat Morrissey of some stones on the Eastern shore of Glensherup Reservoir near Glendevon (Perth and Kinross). He would be very happy to have your opinion about the status (man-made or natural) of the cup-like depressions.

For the location of the finding spot click here.

I think the cups on photo A, except for the “hole” on the front-side, come close to the genuine ones. The features in photo B, C and D are likely to be candidates for the description “natural”.

I know that it is hard to make a proper judgement from photographs, but I hope you would give it a try!

Have a nice weekend.



RA in Wales, new articles

February 23, 2009


Hi Folks,

I recently received two new articles about RA in Wales from George Nash.

Click site names for an iPaper: Cist Cerrig and Caer-Dyni.

Thanks a lot George!