JAN-RAM 2012 – a call to arms

Hi everyone

I was hoping someone might step up and put this whole rock art thing back on track.

I guess everyone else may be feeling the same way so I’ll kick off the debate.

I reckon there are a few questions to be answered, the main one is where do we go from here?

I don’t know if anything is going on in the background but I think we owe it to Jan to either carry on or finish it properly. I think it would be a damn shame if this blog and Jans work was just allowed to fade away without comment.

So what I propose is RAM12, we get together and discuss where we are going and what we are doing

I propose the venue is Kilmartin

I haven’t a clue regarding dates etc but would be happy to be the focal point

To get the ball rolling I propose the following dates

April 28/29

May 5/6 or 12/13

June 2/3 9/10

Drop me a line to fitzcoraldo@hotmail.com and let me know your alternative location,  preferred date, any other ideas

I’ll collate it all and then let you know what the majority  decision is.

One thing’s for sure I’m having a JanRAM this year and if you don’t come and join me I’m going to throw all of my toys out of the pram

Cheers Gavin


4 Responses to JAN-RAM 2012 – a call to arms

  1. bill carnaby says:

    good on you m8—all dependant on the time of course—but iam up for it

  2. drewbhoy says:

    I’m sure I’ll be able to persuade George, if fit, to attend as well.

  3. fitzcoraldo99 says:

    Good man Drew,
    now there’s two of us.

  4. drewbhoy says:

    Wherever it is I’ll do my best to attend.

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