BBC Radio-4, Euro RA

From George Nash, who has his own blog now. Despite hard trying, his attempts to post on BRAB has unfortunately failed. We are happy to relay his message and photos!


A series of five programmes on European prehistoric rock-art will be broadcast from February 3rd at 2.45pm. Each programme will examine the underlying structures that execute, control and manipulate prehistoric rock-art. In order to answer some of the leading questions such as why produce rock-art and where to produce it, the programme’s writer and presenter George Nash interviews rock art experts as well as several renowned British graffiti artists. The programmes are recorded at Creswell Crags (Prog. 1), The Coa Valley, northern Portugal (Prog. 2), Fourknocks, Co. Meath, Eire (Prog.3), The Valcamonica, Northern Italy (Prog. 4) and Anglesey (Prog. 5).


4 Responses to BBC Radio-4, Euro RA

  1. georgenash says:

    Hi Jan,

    I hope all is okay up there? Take care mate.

  2. Pebs says:

    weee not long to wait now …

  3. rockartuk says:

    Received a listening schedule from George lately and added it to the photos of this item.
    He wrote:
    “Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    Over a year in the making, visiting five countries and thousands of pounds taken from the TV and radio license payer and you have this…….
    Please do enjoy.”

  4. rockrich says:

    sounds great George, will be listening.

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