The Jan Brouwer Trail

DOWNLOAD –  Jan Brouwer Trail.pdf

A big thankyou to those who attended the 2012 RAM and we hope you have all recovered from a rather windy day out in Northumberland!

As a reminder of the day, we have put together a short rock art trail around Old Bewick. This was the route we originally planned to take for the RAM, before we opted for the ‘high level’ route from the north – which proved very tough going – but did locate a new cupmarked stone on the way.  The trail takes in the main carved rocks and then leads on to Blawearie and the new cup and ring carving recently created to commemorate Jan Brouwer.

The map and description of the trail can be downloaded in pdf format and It’s hoped it will be of use for those thinking of visiting the Old Bewick rock carvings and also as another way to remember Jan Brouwer’s contribution to the British rock art scene.




4 Responses to The Jan Brouwer Trail

  1. wonderful – thank you!

  2. rockartwolf says:

    Hi Folks,

    This looks great and a fitting tribute to a special friend, he may be gone but will never be forgotten.

  3. drewbhoy says:

    A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man!

  4. torwen says:

    wow, thank you so much! I’ve been at Old Bewick before and can’t wait to go there again, this time using your map, to see old and new rock art discoveries. What a treat 🙂

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